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Hi lamb1

Are you asking about astrology in particular? Or are you asking for sites which offer psychic guides to the future?

If you want astrological sites then you can always set yourself up on Astrodienst ( You will need to know your exact time of birth. Astrodienst tells you which planets are affecting your chart, both short term and long term. You don't need to understand a lot about astrology as interpretations are provided.

Bear in mind that there is a big difference between a computerised reading and a personal reading with an astrologer. A computer reading will describe the influences of particular aspects, whereas a good astrologer will also consider the chart as a whole.

But a site like Astrodienst can be helpful to see the long-term influences and when they are in effect. These are not predictions as to what might happen and when, but they do show what might be influencing your life.

If you want psychic guides to your future then I don't know of any good sites. No doubt there are plenty of psychics offering readings on the net, but I have never looked into any of them.

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