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Originally Posted by ribiq
Commonly, healing is talked about more with ideas like "resonance" where a "higher" or healthier vibration is introduced to the place or the person with the ailment. By sending energy there, particularly universal energy (rather than exclusively using your own stores of internal energy) that you merely act as a conduit for, you can give this energy to the person/place/whatever that needs it. I think that when you go about trying to take or remove negative energy from someone or take on their issues, you're asking for problems. Any amount of shielding-type work that you do or clearing afterward is much less effective because you're basically allowing it to be ignored while you take on whatever it is they're dealing with. If you're just asking what happens to this dense sort of energy when it's dealt with and the physical/emotional/etc. manifestation is corrected, it's not destroyed or removed, it's just transformed/changed. You can't point and say "that's where it went" because it's not a 3-dimension-related thing. And since problems manifest across domains (emotional, physical, spiritual, social, etc.), you can't know for someone else whether the actual root of whatever it is has been addressed; it may be stemming from something that you know nothing about. Real issues have to be understood from a personal level, experientialy

Nicely said.
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