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Originally Posted by TeamEffort
Hi. There's the type who replace the original occupant, and there's the type (such as myself) who show up from somewhere else and move in to co-exist just fine with the original occupant.

You're basically describing trauma-based DID, not an actual walk-in.

Many people are aware of things like parallel universes and a collective consciousness without the use of drugs or psychosis.

Since you're very new to the subject, maybe talk to some of us before trying to analyze something you don't have much knowledge of.

I think what I described is more complex than DID because DID is temporary and can get better with treatment. Also I would prefer to not put a name on it because the nature of identity is beyond complex. It's just a theory, no need to get a Ph. D in the subject before having some creative thoughts on a subject.

How can we be aware of parallel universes except in theory and in thought?

I don't mean to be overly skeptical but you did invite me to ask some questions so where is the proof of what you claim.

What evidence is there that you showed up from somewhere else?
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