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Is it only because I'm more aware?

I'm honestly not sure where to post lately I've been seeing numbers. And some say they are signs. In one day that ive looked at the clock when it was 11:11 then 1:11 one time when it was 4:44 even one time when it was also 5:55.

I'm not a person that constantly check the time I just found it weird for the last two weeks when I do glance at the clock its one of those numbers people have been talking about.

Is it because I'm learning about synchronizites from this site and I'm just more aware of them? ( to be fair though I've not been to this topic on the forums I've learned about the numbers as signs in the twin flame/soulmate section)

I do not have a soulmate or twin flame right now though. The only remotely romantic thing (( if you can even call it that) going on for me is talking with someone long distance who is already in a 8 year relationship. Although they have a open relationship. We are only friends.

So any one want to take a guess?
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