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I've put on a ton of weight without changing my eating habits so what you say is interesting. Would like to know more - especially as to how to reverse it.


Chakras are centers of consciousness as well as energy. In fact energy works to purify the chakra so that higher consciousness can express through it. And vice versa, the more spiritual you become, the more power comes through the chakra. The chakra "balancing" Thunderseed is speaking of relates more to the needs of the physical dimension. Lightworkers, healers working with subtle energy, can sense imbalances at chakra points in terms of the mental part of us linking with the physical nervous system...this is why acupuncture works for example.

What I was speaking of relates to ascension. Lightworkers sometimes get the two confused because the true knowledge of ascension is muddy waters - not many have the correct information. Consciousness is beyond mind, so it is chakra functioning at a deeper level. It relates to the ego attachments, ego - self-concept.

One's consciousness affects one's mental state which affects one's physical state. That's the idea. The throat chakra is about communication - both expressing and receiving. It is where we can achieve the highest communication - expressing and receiving light/silence. That is something different to its physical function.

I always get into hot water when I bring in this knowledge of the chakras.
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