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Attracted to Seemingly RANDOM OBJECTS

I've been mulling this over in my mind for a few years now. Things that are common enough in my everyday life that I seem to surround myself with.

Pennants. Flag-type symbols that are brightly colored and wave freely in the breeze.

I've read several books in the medieval/Elizabethan era. It's always the scene where they describe being on a hill as they approach, looking down at a castle as they prepare for a tournament or some kind of celebration. And pennants are flying from each group or sect of people. Bright colors. Blue skies. Warm day. Excitement! I see it so clearly in my mind.

Then once, about a year ago I realize I have strips of cloth (to mimic snakes) attached to poles in my yard to keep my ducks away from those spots. And I realized, every time I look at those strips of cloth blowing in the breeze I get warm fuzzies. For the first time I saw pennants in my mind, instead of strips of cloth.

Bells are another one. Especially at Christmas time but I love bells all year long! I'm not sure what the attachment is. I don't get a clear picture in my mind. Maybe a horse drawn sleigh with bells? Maybe not. It's not as clear.

Once I was thumbing through a National Geographic magazine and I saw a picture of a mountain. This mountain made my heart sing. I can't describe how I felt other than 'home' and 'familiar' and 'longing'. There was a tiny village at its base. It was somewhere in Indonesia, I remember that. But I recognized that mountain in all its splendor.

Is there anything or anywhere for you? It stumped me for years because the things I love and feel drawn to are so common it's easy to overlook them.

Maybe your suggestions will get me thinking.

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