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Originally Posted by Osyris
Black serpents on a white sweater are not a good sign, but a warning. They were tied on the back where you couldn't see them. The apatite stone cleared the fog of deception around you and the labradorite activated your magical perception so you were able to see, not just look. I strongly sense there's an elephant in your room so to speak, you have been focusing so much on particular trees, missing the forest. It's very very good you refused the 4th snake. There's always a catch in the occult and the hidden. But it seems someone in higher realms wants to help you. Lately there must have been signs around you, synchronicities. Try to remember weird or repeating events lately. They speak...just listen ;)

I;ve been on a path to self healing for five years now. Through the chakras. Its worked so far, however once i incorporated herbs and oils the world to healing opened I noticed fae spirits showing up (I am from the fae realm.)
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