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Originally Posted by Yaoughta
Life is so very interestingly interwoven. I recently had a dragon fly land on my chest while driving. I think it hit the vehicle and was stunned, but it was odd that it landed on my heart. I pulled over and set it on the grass and blessed it as it started to come back around. So it would seem that I was meant to read this dream and you were meant to share it.

I can see why this dream has stayed so present in mind for you. However, since this dream has stuck with you for nearly a decade, the message might not apply to your present day self, but here goes....

The mall represents choices and options as it contains shops and stores that sell all kinds of things. This is sort of the universal storehouse. On your way to the mall, you take a shortcut through someone else's house and then hid because they returned home. This indicates a feeling of being unable to be yourself. It is the feeling of being "found out". This could indicate that you were hiding something in your life at that time and were afraid of being found out. Whatever it was, it was not going to go away because the owners of the home stayed. You came out of hiding fearing consequences that never materialized. They were only fears. The owners went on with their day. The pet maccaw represents the inability to hide ones true colors or feelings. Maccaws are usually known for their plumage and stand out. The house seems to represent the earthly body, with greens and blues (earth and water) and white furniture or spiritual footing or grounding. The beautiful woman is you, your inner self, your soul. She wears a purple hijab to show she is royalty and sees all clearly. She talks to you about a dragonfly because they represent transformation. They also represent making the most of your time and not taking things for granted as Dragonflies have rather short lifespans. She shows you that the true way is to look within and to not be afraid to be yourself. It may have been at that time in your life you were trying to create more options and choices in your life or desired them, but didn't want to take the usual or known route to get to them. Since you took a shortcut, it could indicate that you wanted them sooner than later, but felt that your desires would cause some sort of disruption or issue or you feared that they would. However, the mccaw shows you that when you stand out, you stand out. Accept your beauty and beautiful plumage. It was given to you for a reason.

Hey love I havw another dream for you. I recently bought two palm stones and placed them under my pillow. one apatite and one labradorite. I jhad a dream last night about black serpeants tied to the back of a white sweater i was wearing. I think three were tied to the back. There was supposed to be a fourth but i refused. Snakes make my skin crawl but i couldnt help but believe that they were a form of spiritual protection? i'm involved in the occult so their symbolism is generally good. I'm also going through kundalini. Just the ends of their tails were tied so the rest of their bodies moved around freely
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