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Should I continue to investigate a past life?

I had a past live dream. I needed validation so I researched the archives & records to find many synchronicities. For some reason it doesn’t feel ‘enough’.

I keep investigating more & more, not quite sure what I’m looking for, something to trigger my memory maybe? Or unfinished business? Or am I just becoming obsessed?

I’ve got the address of where ‘my family’ lived, a whole bunch of cottages next to each other...I’m wondering whether to drive over there (it’s local) and have a mooch round, see if anything enlightens me.

The history of the town I live has always fascinated me & Ive never been able to leave for more than a week & always become ‘homesick’.

In reality I was born in a different town 25 miles away & then given up for adoption, I feel perhaps I was sent back to this town for a reason. I didn’t have a nice life growing up so it couldn’t have been that. However, the nature of my upbringing has caused me to look at the psychology behind my parents behaviour, which is now leading me onto a psychology / counselling / spiritual path & now I have this address of where I possibly lived in a past life.

My only concern is that I might be wasting valuable time barking up the wrong tree, I’m not sure what my instincts are telling me, or if it’s my ego telling me it can’t be true.

Would very much appreciate thoughts on this. This forum has already helped me so much.

I should say, in reality I found & met my ‘biological’ family a long time ago. This is purely evidence of a past life I’m seeking to validate myself.
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