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Something to add.

There is a deep truth to Jesus allowing people to call him "the Son of God"

He never went around calling himself the "son of God' but the Gospel writers proclaimed him to be. His apostles saw him as "the Christ, the son of the living God" and he accepted it but told them never to go around spreading that info.

Mainly because the whole "Christ, Son of God" was more of a job office, a prophetic title, a vocational occupation that one would fulfill due to the prophecies in the Old Testament. It wasn't that Jesus was a "demigod" or a supernatural being pretending to be human which is how later Christianity describes him to this day.

But in John's Gospel there is some insight that John brings to the table. Jesus probably didn't say half of the things in any of the Gospels, but John has Jesus speaking a certain way to give us a message. John's insights really get to the heart of Christ.

John mentions- "the only begotten Son", "God so LOVED the world", God is Love, The Father sent the Son, if you don't have "the Son" you don't have Life, if you don't believe in the Son you are condemned.

Do you understand what is so significant about all these phrases? John is not saying Jesus is literally a small Yahweh sent by a bigger Yahweh. John is saying that if you don't "believe" which means practice in the ancient world "the Son" you don't have life. And what did Jesus practice?

He saw HIMSELF in all walks of Life. This means Jesus loved himself so much which enabled him to love everyone , and love God. It is a mathematical equation. God's Love for every soul is that of "AN ONLY BEGOTTEN" Son, you are that precious to the Divine, and that same heritage, origin, DNA is in all the people you encounter in life. How nondual is that? Jesus saw himself in everyone he ever encountered.

This is why in the Roman Catholic tradition a mystic once said "help everyone you know, you never know if they are Jesus in disguise". That means you don't know the person next to you. You can not comprehend who that person was to you in a past life or who they really are, so see everyone as Christ.

Love your enemies...means you have no enemies.
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