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Lightbulb Do you believe?

I have a question for the world of spiritual forums,

Do you believe in clairvoyance, mediumship and psychics?

For those that answer YES
What about free will? If you are told that something will come about however your free will can change that fact then how do you answer YES? How do one gain insight into someone or something they know nothing about naturally without tools? Can everyone under the sun read for another or is it just a chosen few? Where do these so called gifts come from heaven or hell? How is one able to tap into another person's personal life or better yet another person's future? How would you communicate to a person that don't believe? Do you tell them the future or give them more information about the gift itself?

For those that answer No
How do you explain intuition? Is it easier to say I used my intuition and not my psychic ability and if so what's the difference? Would you trust in the "intuition" of a pastor in a church that can tell you your past, present and future over a well known clairvoyant? Some people may say it's against God to read for others however is it against God for a minister to do so? Will the minister be called blessed and the psychic called cursed and why? What if I told you that I am a psychic, prophet, medium, clairvoyant would you believe me? What if I gave you proof, would you believe me then or will you think I know someone you know? What about being able to communicate with the spirits? Aren't we all spirits trapped inside a human figure?
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