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I just lost my mother almost a month ago and it was so sad but guess what I said good bye to her! she was ill and it calmed my heart to know that she is free of the pain, further more I was prepared, I have never been closer to God and yeah I see mom everyday and I ask her to strengthen me as I am now an orphan and taking care of my bro I feel her energy fighting for us, protecting us and I am happy that she is happy.. When I want to talk to her I simply think of her and she appears and God is closest to me He comforts, leadeth and strengthens me.. I am not sad because I know my mum will be with us oh sorry is with us in every step of the way and guess what she even walked me down the aisle(in a vision )before she died.. one thing I learnt from this is only God can take you through death that is the one who has passed on and the ones staying behind therefore when you know God, you will mourn not for long for you will be comforted.. she is now resting in peace and I am happy for her..
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