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Originally Posted by Aidan108
I have always said that this sort of experience is proof that spirits stay with us after their physical death, you could argue that your friend didn't want to cause you undue pain and your father was still checking in on you after 6 months now that he was himself again. After my grandfather passed away I regularly had sudden bursts of upset because I could feel he was there in some form. I'm just glad that now I can feel this presence and smile knowing he's there and hopw that this is the case for you too

Thanks Aidan108 for your thoughts. Actually he is here now and there is something he muttered to me after I read this and was doing the washing up - oh the glamarous life of the Belle - but there is something about a karmic obligation that needs to be worked out. Not sure what that's about. My friend, well her karmic obligations lay elsewhere hence the ease of moving apart.

I couldn't say if it were the same for your grandfather?
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