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Originally Posted by Squatchit
A close friend died 11 weeks ago today. Unexpectedly with no previous illness.

I mainly feel sad that he won't get to live out his dreams, he can no longer bask in a beautiful sunset, stand in an empty field and fill his lungs with fresh air. Those things that he loved doing have all gone. I feel so sad that all his worrying and whittling was unnecessary. I feel sad that he died so young (46) and was in the process of chasing his dream life. I feel sad that all that energy/enthusiasm/essence of who he was is gone.

And as Belle said, I often catch myself thinking, "Oh, I must tell him that, he'll find it interesting/amusing" only to remember that he's no longer here. That makes me sad too.

for your loss....

"you know that you have found your passion when your love for it overrides any fear to attain it..."-me
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