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Originally Posted by glenos
I have lost my brother, my mother and my dad, friends too, one of which poured petrol and set light to herself outside of the local shops - people all around. The lot, all gone. yes I know, I truly know how sadness feels.
Each time the grief swallowed me up, though each time it became less because I searched for them, in every alley way, in every thought, in every dream, in every breath. I searched for the evidence that I was told was there, and I found them. I have lost many animal companions too ( I collect the sick the abused and the unloved) I found them also. Not in belief but in in your face irrefuteable evidence but it will never take away the sense of loss that I felt seeing as I am having a human experience. I am still but a child in the presence of the Great White Spirit but slowly I am understanding that love cannot part, cannot separate or ever be lost. This is the greatest legacy that those who have gone before have left us. Try as hard as you can to see with your spirit eyes. You know it makes sense ;0)


You have a beautiful soul....

"you know that you have found your passion when your love for it overrides any fear to attain it..."-me
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