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UNTIL ITS ABSOLUTE END ! Because truth is God and knowing truth means knowing God.

Last week I posted ' Many Famous people were seen in Hell ' that included Pope Paul among others. It was deleted by the SF Editorial board.

Pope and Head of States are great souls who are appointed by nature. It is therefore necessary to know what went wrong with Pope Paul that he has to face such an ordeal. The reason was told his love for money rather than Christ. It is important to note that he was the only Pope there among several hundred of his preceders. Similarly Michael Jackson was also spotted there because he took help of Black Magic for gaining name and fame.

Nature doesn't see the status of the person but operates on 26 virtues and 13 malice principle . Nature considers love for money as GREED and utilizing unfair means to gain popularity as LUST in its malice list. In our daily lives we all love money and want popularity but we generally ignore to see to what extent we should go . It is a great lesson for us and we should be careful and exercise strain now and onwards.

Regarding Pope Paul, after atonement he would receive reward for doing service to humanity and dwell with Christ in Master's World. and Michael Jackson will live in heaven as a reward for providing joy and pleasure to millions of his fans. So this is the Truth that should not be suppressed and be known to all.
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