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Originally Posted by Mb867
Hello everyone,
For many years now (Im 50) I have seen people I knew was going to die just before they crossed over or right afterwards. I have even seen the death angel going into their home or standing in thee room with them. I have been told my great grand mother experienced stuff like this as well.

Anyways, here where I am going with this. Just a few weeks ago my ex wife told me her dad had cancer and was going to die. Now I was married to her for over 20 years and I was fairly close to her dad. But since the divorce 9 years ago I had only seen him 2 or 3 times and we barely even spoke then.

At night when i would go to bed for almost 3 weeks I would see him in my room. On one side he would be standing there and he would acknowledge me and on the other side I would see his mother who had passed away 8 years before I was in the family. I would also see his father who had passed away 3 years ago standing with her. I always saw him looking the exact same every night. He would even have back his leg that had been amputated some years back.

One night I saw the numbers 2 and 3. I kept thinking it was odd at first and then thought maybe it was the time he would die. One week or so later I realized it was not the time but rather the date, 2/3/18. I did not initially tell my ex wife about the date. He visited me every single night at the same time after I would go to bed. And during the day I would always know and feel what was going on with him. He would tell me every night that he wanted to go home so bad. I would always see his parents standing there on the other side of the room.

During his last week I came to not only realize for sure the date I was positive about but I also saw the time, 2:01 am. About 3 days before I told my ex what to expect all the day and night and with each day. I finally told her he would pass on the 3rd and early morning hours around 2:01 am.

As he got closer I began to feel what he felt like his breathing and all. I was always telling my ex wife what I was seeing and she always confirmed that it was actually happening in the natural.

On 02/02/18 Just before midnight I saw him again and he was so ready to cross over. His mother and father were waiting for him. I thought he was gonna go earlier that I thought but he wouldn't go. I finally had to just tell him it was to go and then I saw this wall of what looked like water. He finally stepped into that wall of water and I knew he had crossed over and was at peace finally. I didnt look at the clock I just fell asleep from pure exhaustion. But my phone rang woke up my wife and I was it wss a little after 2 am and my ex told me he had passed at 2:01 am just as I had said he would.

I always saw him wearing the same clothes every night and I even noticed he had a new leg . One of his legs had amputated several years earlier. As it turns out he was wearing the shirt I kept seeing him in when he passed.

I am sorry for this long post but I just dont understand all this. I have never gone through this much ever. I usually just either see them just before they cross or right afterwards. He even spoke to me directly each time I saw him.
What is going on here ? Why is this happening to me ? Since then I have seen the future dates of other family members death or their ages of death. Im not so sure I like knowing all this stuff.

Also where can post about my telepathy experiences ? I feel as though I have become fully charges here lately if that makes sense.


Thank you for sharing your experience...!

The more I read stories like this, the more I wonder if humanity is at the beginning of taking the next step in evolution. That step would be that we'll be far more in tune with out consciousness (far more than subconscious or intuition).
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