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Looking for help please to explaine !!!

Hello everyone,
For many years now (Im 50) I have seen people I knew was going to die just before they crossed over or right afterwards. I have even seen the death angel going into their home or standing in thee room with them. I have been told my great grand mother experienced stuff like this as well.

Anyways, here where I am going with this. Just a few weeks ago my ex wife told me her dad had cancer and was going to die. Now I was married to her for over 20 years and I was fairly close to her dad. But since the divorce 9 years ago I had only seen him 2 or 3 times and we barely even spoke then.

At night when i would go to bed for almost 3 weeks I would see him in my room. On one side he would be standing there and he would acknowledge me and on the other side I would see his mother who had passed away 8 years before I was in the family. I would also see his father who had passed away 3 years ago standing with her. I always saw him looking the exact same every night. He would even have back his leg that had been amputated some years back.

One night I saw the numbers 2 and 3. I kept thinking it was odd at first and then thought maybe it was the time he would die. One week or so later I realized it was not the time but rather the date, 2/3/18. I did not initially tell my ex wife about the date. He visited me every single night at the same time after I would go to bed. And during the day I would always know and feel what was going on with him. He would tell me every night that he wanted to go home so bad. I would always see his parents standing there on the other side of the room.

During his last week I came to not only realize for sure the date I was positive about but I also saw the time, 2:01 am. About 3 days before I told my ex what to expect all the day and night and with each day. I finally told her he would pass on the 3rd and early morning hours around 2:01 am.

As he got closer I began to feel what he felt like his breathing and all. I was always telling my ex wife what I was seeing and she always confirmed that it was actually happening in the natural.

On 02/02/18 Just before midnight I saw him again and he was so ready to cross over. His mother and father were waiting for him. I thought he was gonna go earlier that I thought but he wouldn't go. I finally had to just tell him it was to go and then I saw this wall of what looked like water. He finally stepped into that wall of water and I knew he had crossed over and was at peace finally. I didnt look at the clock I just fell asleep from pure exhaustion. But my phone rang woke up my wife and I was it wss a little after 2 am and my ex told me he had passed at 2:01 am just as I had said he would.

I always saw him wearing the same clothes every night and I even noticed he had a new leg . One of his legs had amputated several years earlier. As it turns out he was wearing the shirt I kept seeing him in when he passed.

I am sorry for this long post but I just dont understand all this. I have never gone through this much ever. I usually just either see them just before they cross or right afterwards. He even spoke to me directly each time I saw him.
What is going on here ? Why is this happening to me ? Since then I have seen the future dates of other family members death or their ages of death. Im not so sure I like knowing all this stuff.

Also where can post about my telepathy experiences ? I feel as though I have become fully charges here lately if that makes sense.

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