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Am I being selfish?

Am I being selfish?

I’ve recently terminated my relationship with my friend. No matter how much I try I can’t trust her anymore.

All her life, she has this negative, stubborn, pessimistic attitude on her that drains me. I know deep down in my heart that she needs support and help but I can’t help her anymore because she is so rigid and don’t want to change. She has this attitude that “this is what I want”/”I can’t do it” and her life choices always bring her harm in the long run. She don’t listen to adults, to her friends or to anyone. She is argumentative and always have “alibis” and “reasons” for everything, instead of finding a solution to a problem she always find excuses.

Recently, something happened that made me loathe her and she broke my trust.

She is working in my business and I am wondering if it is okay to not allow her to work for me? I am weeding out negativity in my life and it makes me sick whenever I see her.

Am I being selfish for thinking about myself?
What do you guys think?
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