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Originally Posted by God-Like
Sure there doesn't need for a space to be filled with stuff that relates to anything known bout ourselves in a conceptual way but there is a greater peace for realizing Self than being ignorant of Self .

This can reflect the need to create a space that reflects just that, just as there is the need to create a space that weighs up the pros and cons for a specific issue or dilemma one has .

I think for many your right in that the magic and the beauty is hard to find nowadays even though it's present in most things, it's just many are in some way out of sync with these things .

Your also right in that it is not for us to say at what point does enough become enough of suffering in regards to another, my thoughts simply echoed when simply existing isn't enough in itself ..

Simply existing being enough normally reflects a level of peace and contentment which I suppose most peeps haven't got .

Peeps like the gurus and masters at a point wouldn't even self enquire if they were content and at peace in not knowing / realizing Self .

The thing is, most at this point don't have an immediate choice, it is like the fruit dropping from the tree when ripe, it's just the right time .

In regards to your concerns or concerns of others in life's trauma's and dramas does it really matter who/m or what is suffering or concerned, perhaps not and this is something that I emphasised .

I emphasised that it's normally in hindsight and when the dust settles, when one has a space in mind to entertain the depths of self ..

When a tidal wave is coming for you, the last thing on your mind would be who am I .

Your words contemplated upon as you post was done so in a particular mind space I would assume and not while running from a mountain lion

There is a time and a place and a space for everything ..

x daz x
But who/what is Self? Peace doesn't always come from knowing/not ignorant of Self, for me it came because I chose to forget all the conflicts of the definitions of what self, Self, True Self.... Does the choice to be in amnesia constitute ignorance?

The space doesn't need to be created, the space has always been there but often we feel as though we have to fill it full of all kinds of furniture - like beliefs and conclusions, thinking that we should think like Spiritual people.... We just have to be present in it and stop the mind clutter.

Actually yes it does matter who/m or what is suffering, at least on a psychological basis anyway. If it's 'not you/I am' that's doing the suffering then it's possible there are mental health issues at play. If you are suffering yet your mind is tell you that you're Spiritual and it's not 'you' that's suffering?

If it came to a choice between survival and Spirituality all of our mind spaces would be very different, which is why I said "If this is what concerns us deeply there's nothing coming over us." When that lion is on my tail, the 'who/m' will be the one running for his Life and screaming his lungs out, the same 'who/m' that's writing this post. I'll also understand my ancestors a little better too.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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