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Bunny Genes/Codons, Sex, Diversity

luminaries---r6, LOL............My brother...essentially none (approaching 0%) of the comments you made would be made by 99% of the world's women, if they are being totally honest.

Then we disagree on some lab study facts.

Aside from having kids, women don't need sex. They simply don't.They may actually desire it if there is already a mutual authentic love first and foremost between the partners as people and as friends.

I think what your saying, in a round-a-bout way, is that women dont have desire for sex, unless there in love with a man.

Whereas a man has a desire for sex, even if they do not love the woman.

As for authentic love, that is a matter of degree. Humans are attracted to other humans first and foremost because most humans desire human attention.

I believe there exists degrees of love, authentic{ what ever that means } or love other than authentic{ whatever that is }.

Is there a love gene/codon set? Which ones are they? Are the the ones that also involve empathy parts of brain i.e. feeling what others feel? Ex we see someone else yawn and we have the feeling to yawn.

If we see someone else having sex some people--- men more than women ---will have genetic sexual response some degree of the time.
NOT as "sex partners" and nothing else...that's revolting. But otherwise, it's simply bonding glue or meeting men's demands...and we literally much prefer to leave it. We simply don't need it at all unless it is loving and committed.

Bonding is love. We bond/love.

What is Ive heard said about men and women regarding sex, men just need a place, women need a reason. This is not exclude women having a desire for sex only that they require and additional factor for bonding/loving.

I think this all needs to be taught early on, so that the thought is foremost from day 1 in men's minds, and no one has to struggle to come to this realisation.

Simple facts of sex need to taught early on because that is the strongest humans desire beyond air, water, food and going to bathroom.

We are different and yet at the same time we are the same.

Yes were humans yet we have some differrences,--- Xx - Xy ---that you do concede, to whatever degree.

The spectrum of overlap between men and women (in all but upper body strength), just as with rich and poor, etc., has not even begun to be we are still deep in hierarchy, discrimination, segregation, and oppression as a species.

And then there is the spectrum of differrences.

Peace & blessings

To all a good night. r6
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