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I visited a dear lady who was slowly dying of cancer. Her husband shared this ADC with me that was a source of great comfort. The lady's sister had a daughter Tami (a college student at Washington State U) who died suddenly and unexpectedly. Tami's Mom said she was comforted by several apparitional visits from Tami. But one day, Tami appeared only from the waist up and said: "I'm sorry, Mom; my progress over here makes it harder and harder for me to stay in visible touch with you. This will be my last appearance." That Christmas triggered the usual family reunion. Tami's aunt (the one with cancer) sent her husband to a 7/ 11 to buy bread and eggs. After paying for it, he was about to pocket the dollar and change he received, when he noticed in thick black print on the dollar the name "Tami" with a smiley face. He didn't know the cashier and the spelling ("Tami" instead of the more common "Tammy") struck him as significant. The family took this message dollar as one last love sign from Tami and drew great comfort from it.
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