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Originally Posted by Labyrinthine
I happened to talk to one lady yesterday, she told me that she has visited her past lives and she knows where she get one of her largest birthmarks. Actually it was more of a discoloration of the skin. She said she got it from the past life and described me her story. She got wounded that place in one of her lives.

Do you think we carry some symbols on our body to remind us where we came or what happened to us (from the past life)?

What a refreshing thread Labyrinthine - thanks for posting it. I also really liked how ScarlettHayden identified with her birthmarks.

Like other's, I have also read birthmarks are an indication or mark from a past incarnation. In many cases I have read they are the entry point of a fatal wound. My guess would be they probably are very well may be marks from the past, given the number of people who make this connection. I base this on the belief on the ideas expressed with the existence of a universal consciousness. However, It makes me wonder why some people have them and others do not?

For example - I don't have a birthmark. Not one that I have located anyway. Interestingly, in my last incarnation I received such a wound in my chest - point blank, yet I have no mark.

If one is inclined to believe a higher-self has some say in one's own incarnation. I am inclined to wonder if this "mark" was deliberately left to serve as this reminder (the why). Just a thought.

Thanks again for posting.
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