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I see you have gotten much helpful advice here from members. :)

I practice a form of sitting meditation called Zazen. The meditation itself involves the meditating, where one can focus on breath, I find I not always focus even on breath. Essentially it is a meditation without a focus, no focal point. Idea is to reach silence and stillness in a way of purity. Many sit when doing this. The idea is to let thoughts, or bodily distractions (or any distractions really) come and go, no mind or noticed payed too much to it, as opposed to having to feel the need or want to fight the thoughts in order to reach the silence, the purity of the meditation inspires instead to acknowledge the thoughts/ distractions and to let them go, as fighting something only brings one's attention more to which one is fighting.

I have found I have been able to accomplish this form of meditation while sitting, standing, and walking.

I do not need absolute physical quiet around me. I do not find physical noise distracting when I meditate by way of Zazen as I have intentfully practiced in noisy surroundings to reach the same state of internal quiet I would if I was meditating with no surrounding noise.

So say I am standing in a busy bustling subway station surrounded by other people all talking among each other at once, and the noise that goes in hand with groups of people, and I am waiting for the train/ bus, I still could be able to achieve the level of internal quiet, while standing, and with high level of distraction.

My point is it is entirely possible that if you wish to be busy and doing something while you meditate, with practice, there is no legitimate reason you should not be able to.

There is also no reason that if you wake up chalk full of energy and want to do something or get some things done that you should feel you should have to postpone this and meditate first. Unless that is your time set out specifically for it, and if that is the case, you can act and meditate while doing so it is very possible.

Sufis practice a type of whirling physical meditation practice, as well as other peoples. Yoga is a type of physical meditation practice. There is also no legitimate reason you couldn't be able to take a mundane task such as cleaning, and use that for a physical expression of meditation. It wont look anything near to Sufi whirling on the outside, but internally could be just as profound.

As for your question title I am not sure if you ask in regards to yourself and your own energy or not.

But personally for me, when I wake up fully awake and beaming with energy- this actually is the perfect time for me to meditate, simply because I feel good.

With your own meditation times, and ways and practices what is relevant to you is relative to you- meaning whenever you want to meditate is the right time to do it. You decide how and when. The most we can do is offer suggestions, our own thoughts and advice.

And you don't have even have to listen to any of it in the end anyway if you wish not.

I only feel that it is important that you meditate when and how you want to. Because then it is coming from a place of your spirit soaring because you are doing it the way you want to and because you want to.

But, you shouldn't have to.

Those are my thoughts.

All my best.
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