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Cat Source or reincarnate

Originally Posted by Staceyboo
Hi, what do you believe happens when you die I have been thinking a lot about this recently I work in a job were I see a lot of death and it always confuses me when I person dies there physically there but there not if that makes any sense I look at them and there not there I still talk to them as if they was there but there not I can't seem to get my head round it. Last year a close family member died of cancer and they promised me they would visit when they went but they haven't is this because they can't or is it because there just gone you live then die or our we just not ment to know what happens when we die until we die what are everyone's thoughts on this am not a religious person so don't really believe in heaven and hell but find it hard to believe we just die

Basically Im gonna short it down for u... we go to the astral realm and then we decide wether we want to reincarnate or go back to our original source selves. Source is what creates everything we are source and we are creators of the universe and everything else we are the god. Nothing exists outside of source.
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