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Cat (Possibly) Channeled Message

Wether this is or not Im not sure.
Just whipped out my pen and paper and started to write and write and write.
Most of its scribbly so Ill try and make out what it says and post it here
Enjoy beautiful people.

'To Be Or Not To Be' (William Shakespeare)
That really is the question we have all the power but we are blind.
You choose your own path.

Start with self reach within and ???(cant make out this word) yourself in whole to become WHO YOU ARE only then will you discover the reality of reality and the capacity of your growth and understanding as a key from earth in this wonderous encapsulation you call home..

Yet it be be known you arent ..( the rest is too scribbly :/ )

Fear promotes fear and only unconditional, unjudging love will set you 'free' although you are already free but what limits you ensue only permit destruction and in turn fear again. All you ever need is LOVE.

Not bad for a first time doing it on paper
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