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Originally Posted by Golden Eagle
It would be selfish if you STAYED with such an ego imposter dip****. This one is clearly so wrapped up in her little self identity ....... that is purely SELFISH and it is no wonder you FEEL DRAINED! you must have met my sister .... lol!

On a good note ..... witnessing such stupidity (ego) ....... you stand a chance at uprooting ego in yourself and that is the best use of time for you NOW ~

It is easy to see it in "another" ........ Now TRAIN your Awareness to spot it in your own Consciousness and BEGIN all the way to Mastery ...... to KICK the Dip**** out of your own Consciousness and LET NO ONE give you DELAY any further!


Many Ways ..... all the same result. Whichever RESONATES with you ~!

Your comment made me laugh, thank you I needed it.
Thank you for you insights Golden Eagle. I appreciate it. :)
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