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CHAPTER XII IMMORTALITY (Delivered in America)

Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy

"The effect is the cause manifested. There is no essential difference between the effect and the cause. Take this glass, for instance. There was the material, and the material plus the will of the manufacturer made the glass and these two were its causes and are present in it. In what form is the will present? As adhesion. If the force were not here, each particle would fall away. What is the effect then? It is the same as the cause, only taking; different form, a different composition. When the cause is changed and limited for a time, it becomes the effect. We must remember this. Applying it to our idea of life the whole of the manifestation of this one series, from the protoplasm up to the most perfect man, must be the very same thing as cosmic life. First it got involved and became finer; and out of that fine something, which wet the cause, it has gone on evolving, manifesting itself, and becoming grosser."

Big Bang. "Some Thing" out of 'No Thing". Grosser manifesting out of Finer and at the bottom of Finer is the Unmanifested. Unified Field --> Quantum Foam --> Virtual Particles --> Phase Transition --> Big Bang --> Us.

Everything to the right of Unified Field is but Its "Dream", inseparable from One perspective, individuated from another.

"But the question of immortality is not yet settled. We have seen that everything in this universe is indestructible. There is nothing new; there will be nothing new. The same series of manifestations are presenting themselves alternately like a wheel, coming up and going down. All motion in this universe is in the form of waves, successively rising and falling. Systems after systems are coming out of fine forms, evolving themselves, and taking grosser forms, again melting down, as it were, and going back to the fine forms. Again they rise out of that, evolving for a certain period and slowly going back to the cause. So with all life. Each manifestation of life is coming up and then going back again. What goes down? The form. The form breaks to pieces, but it comes up again. In one sense bodies and forms even are eternal. How? Suppose we take a number of dice and throw them, and they fall in this ratio — 6 — 5 — 3 — 4. We take the dice up and throw them again and again; there must be a time when the same numbers will come again; the same combination must come. Now each particle, each atom, that is in this universe, I take for such a die, and these are being thrown out and combined again and again. All these forms before you are one combination. Here are the forms of a glass, a table, a pitcher of water, and so forth. This is one combination; in time, it will all break. But there must come a time when exactly the same combination comes again, when you will be here, and this form will be here, this subject will be talked, and this pitcher will be here. An infinite number of times this has been, and an infinite number of times this will be repeated. Thus far with the physical forms. What do we find? That even the combination of physical forms is eternally repeated."

Many Worlds interpretation of collapse of the wave function. Or Eternal Inflation, pocket universes spread throughout infinity. In either case whatever can happen not only will happen and many times, but has already happened and multiple times and very well might be simultaneously happening multiple times in multiple places at this very moment. So these little selfs, these body-minds, these small and insignificant egos are not only nothing special but are far, far from unique.


This is quite a treasure, along with the other works and chapters attached with it. I will be reading them for quite some time.

Reminds me of this statement from the reference below:

There are infinite versions of reality. There are infinite parallel realities, and they are all equally "real", though you experience only 1 version at any given moment.

...."Shifting from one parallel reality to another is like "viewing through the window of another you" and no longer "viewing through the window of the previous you".

But keep in mind that this "new you" and the "previous you" are still both "real", and have both always existed..........since YOU are EVERYTHING and YOU have ALWAYS EXISTED.

So shifting parallel realities boils down to the YOU-that-is-EVERYTHING shifting the perspective or point-of-view from which it's viewing a part of its EVERYTHING-SELF.

And sensing yourself as everything is not losing your identity. In contrast, it is expanding your self-identity to include EVERYTHING."

A strange thought occurred to me while reading the above: How many times have WE posted these words in how many Spiritual Forums in how many Universes, for how many correspondents to read....and answer as WE just have?

Same All, Same All....


“Why, that’s true! I am a perfect, unlimited gull!” Jonathan opened his eyes asking, "Where are we?” The Elder Chiang said, “We’re on some planet with a green sky and a double star for a sun.” Jonathan made a scree of delight. “IT WORKS!" “Well, of course it works, Jon,” said Chiang. “It always works, when you know what you’re doing." (and even when you don't)

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