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Originally Posted by Marie
What you are describing, is the reality of sin, the fleshly bodily sin. That he came to deliver us from. That's why Paul said, the bad I don't want, I do, but the good I want, I don't do. See how jesus forgave the disciples for falling asleep. See how he have forgiven everyone over and over. The difference is, in turning away from God and not. It's in the intent. I think many might be struggling like this. And the fact he's always there helping shows he doesn't abandon you, despite off, he knows your intentions. So when he knows your intentions you can rest assured that he is just waiting patiently for you to connect.

Thank you for replying. Based on what you said, I ended up on this site, where it is being displayed variations of verses from many types of Bibles... pretty much a matter of semantycs, the message being the same and there is an explanaton as well~ Thank you. Made me realize some things... that for me to break this loop I need to purify my mind/thoughts/body... this process wll take some time but I think I know what I should...

Originally Posted by sky123
Your relationship seems to be based on worldly ups and downs, try and form a relationship on love.

This made me think... of stop asking for too much and just communicate, connect. Seems like this was the essence/key of what was happening when I was closer. It's not just life seemed better because it also was, but there was already more or less of such a relationship of love. I will not give up. Never will.

Originally Posted by sky123

Isn't the use of the word ' Sin ' judgement ?

I don't think it is really that important to get lost in this question... Use of the word sin can merely be to point something out. One can tell me I have sinned while not judging me at all deep down. It's the emotional charge/intention that you associate to words that matters....

If Marie would've said to me "you are a sinner and you need to repent if you want to be saved", then I would call that judgement more than advice... and that's the kind of phrase and aggressive attitude I see stereotypes in most North American Christians... aka "You Need Jesus" while yelling... Although I am not from there, the glimpse of judging even other religious people, does spark every now and then... when you go to Church and old people (ladies) are chitchatting non stop that you can barely hear the priest.. makes me angry somewhat.

But if age and life experience (as much or little as I have) thought me on thing, is that to never judge someone even when it seemes so logic to judge. No matter who you judge, you will never have the full spectrum of his/her reasons to act n a certain way or behave like that. You do not know the years of e.g. emotional pain and stress that may have accumulated in one's person life, which lead to acting in certain ways. Sure, you can see that that person could do this or that instead, but he/she cannot see it.

You can't judge someone because there are so many criteria involved. To go to an extreme, even if a very depressed person would suicide and leave a long note explaining his/her reasons, you will still not understand the full spectrum.

There are things in life that happens to you, and you in order to cope and move on, you tend to forget/suppress some, but there are always marks and subtle changes... they all do contribute to who you are. I am sure in my life/yours there are people who would wonder why you/I don't do x or y or haven't done z and such... but if they would only understand the full spectrum and perspective... if they would know exactly the many contradicting choices, happenings, truths and lies etc., happened to you... they would understand.. but they couldn't fully even if you would tell them, you can't grasp the entire 'story' in words to them. The irony, is that they(other people) could understand not to judge, if they look in the mirror... within themselves. I do not know to need exactly your reasons for sinning because me wanting to know your reasons for sinning, means that I am trying to judge you and come to a conclusion (or be curious at the very least). But when I know how come other people can easy judge me when they do not even know 10% of the entire 'story' of me... how can I judge others when don't even know 10% of the entire 'story' of them? I hope you see my point.
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