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"I can relate to most of this! I'm also a writer, my guides appear to me as characters I've created. They limit themselves to just one of my stories so I can still develop my writing skills on my own with other works - notably, they do not inhabit the sci-fi novel I'm a few months away from finishing, but rather a comic that I only have foundational work for yet. I even let them make suggestions for that story, which really paid off when they introduced me to a metaphysical concept that transformed the whole thing into something I've never seen before - my dream come true, a truly original idea!

I too was raised Catholic, which I turned away from while in a Catholic high school because the only responses I was getting to my questions were shame and threats of eternal torture. Not exactly attracting flies with honey... Soon after, some ugly stuff happened right as soon as I started college which made me turn agnostic, and I was distrustful of metaphysical research (less the content itself, more the knowledge that my efforts could be tracked by my ISP). My guides were with me every single day through that period, so even with a weakness of faith I was able to keep the connection open and the dialog flowing. I'm really fortunate, too - in the past year, they've lead me to find new inspiration in Pantheism that's leading my spiritual growth to new heights! I feel like I have rockets strapped to my feet as I'm absorbing all kinds of new information. Even my guides have grown stronger with this new positivity I'm
putting out."

First off, I hope Realm Ki will forgive me if I derail some as to her original post but to Kendaru: CONGRATULATIONS on being near the 'finish line' as to your novel! You are going to feel such an incredible rush and sense of achievement when you reach it! Once I got the final line right on my own book (which took about an hour), I sat there and cried with joy/relief while thinking on-repeat: 'I can't believe I just finished writing a novel. No, really, I can't BELIEVE I just finished writing a novel!'

It's cool how your guides appear to you as characters in some of your work. I can relate to this actually as the same phenomenon has happened to me. I won't go into detail on that as I don't want to take away from Realm Ki's main discussion-at-hand too much. Let's just say, it was quite something and it still is!

As to what you said (in the last sentence of the first paragraph in your response to my post) - well, I get that too. For a year, I struggled with finding an apt title for my book and through a series of synchronicities in the space of a week, a title was found. Once it was, it brought forth a whole new multi-layered meaning to my book. I had already made references here and there to a significant facet of the title. However, when when that same title came, I understood how I'd subconsciously created symbolism while writing my book which tied directly into it. As I said in my original post here, writing is 'channeling' as we are, in fact, connecting to something much deeper than 'here.' We go elsewhere, don't we, when we write? At least we do if we're doing it right! I could go on all day about where it is I think we go to and what we are then reaching into, but I won't.

Also, meditation made me more of the writer I'd hoped I could be (but I still have a ways to go as we are always evolving as artists - hopefully) and, no doubt, that is because it facilitates the channeling ability more efficiently. Because I am also clairaudient, I have gotten whole lines to put into my work. I can then build more text around these lines, thereby adding more dimension to a story. The first line of my novel came to me via my clairaudience. I'd been struggling for a new opening line as I'd re-worked the first chapter and 'hook' several times.

With regards to Catholicism - didn't 'gel' with you either, huh? ;-) But it's wonderful that you're finding a path which works for you and you seem quite passionate and excited about it too (always a good thing!). And I can understand about 'ugly stuff' having caused you to alter your faith (have 'been there and done that' myself).

One more note as to your writing...It's about the sci-fi novel - I'm a sci-fi fan. I write mostly speculative fiction - so I'll take a copy when the time comes - whether you are going by self-publication, or traditional publication. I wish you the best of luck with it and with the comic too for that matter! Cheers.

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