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Originally Posted by Realm Ki
This path has been closed to me, 7lum, and I accepted that a long time ago. I have at intervals approached groups and taken steps to be closer to others with various practices. But The Divine has had other plans for me and I have accepted that, eventhough it has at times felt lonely. A little like I was floating, and what I was learning did not get grounded.

(That changed later, and is no longer an issue at all. It was just the way I was supposed to learn...)

Why did you chose - or why was this type of work chosen for you? Why the most difficult work, that you were least apt at doing?

What did you learn from that, was it a challenge?
Working with energy in all its forms is easy for me. Energetic and bodily "healing" is easy for me. Learning is easy for me. Thinking and communication is easy for me. These are all gifts and they are easy for me to use and expand. But what's hard is the higher healing, the true healing, the healing of the heart and spirit.

This form of reflection, thought, group work (with guides and soul fam) was very, very difficult. And let's be honest. It's not easy for anyone. I consciously avoided looking into my past lives for several years. And it was extremely difficult sorting what I knew, which was only part of the story but was plenty on its own. It puts one's gifts in perspective and by far, I am far prouder of my struggles, my strength and courage, and my gains on my spiritual path than any of my gifts, for all they are immensely helpful to myself and others -- just like all gifts and just like your gifts are for you and those you know.
Wow, I never thought of the effects a heart injury could have on the energy plane... Very humbling.

Actually many physical heart injuries or structural or neural net irregularities can be healed, through intention and use of medicinal herbs, in conjunction with the integrated focus of body and soul. But yes, what I referred to was disassociation due to emotional heart trauma, though there are many real physical outcomes and it is possible to damage the physical heart via heartbreak and trauma, just as it is possible to heal the physical heart.

There is a backdoor, however, even when you have sufferered severe trauma. it is the heart's connection with body and the body's connection with the heart, which has been developed and strengthened over time when we live in integration, or, in alignment with our heart centre in our words and deeds. The same love that the cracked heart is unable to feel can still be felt and apprehended by the body on very deep level. The heart registers the love of the body and its being, even if it cannot feel the texture and flavour of the love until more fully healed. This also is exactly what happens via equanimity. Equanimity is the other is the "default" foundation and it is extremely powerful. It's not well developed in most but it is critical to everyone's spiritual well-being. Amazing it will easily carry you even when the heart is broken and numb and can hold and feel no sensations. It allows for life whilst you gradually come back into actually feeling the lovingkindness that you are.

For a long time when in this place of disassociation, I had a very hard time focusing or doing much energetically, though I could still be present there. But yes, I was weaker in my ability to focus and do my work, and that does apparently directly have to do with not only the integration and centreness but also the spiritual, emotional, and physical state of the heart centre itself.
Can you elaborate? I don't know what those are or how to work with them...

Transcendentals are beings of energy or light (so to speak) and don't generally incarnate as we do, though they may do temporarily of course. Many call them angels but I see them as elder brothers, more. I work with them because human guides, even the very best, are not always able to see you in the fullness of your humanity, just as you are, full stop. I don't know why this is but I know most have residual filters and the transcendentals just don't have this human limitation. It's immensely blissful to work directly with one another at the level of soul or consciousness, without filters (at least on their part ).

Put it like this...we can disagree and if we are decent and civil, we can still treat one another with courtesy over our different opinions. After all maybe tomorrow or next year, either of us might think entirely can change that as you please. But what about your height, or your gender, or your family background, or your skin colour, and so forth? You can't really change any of's just who you are. Now, how do any of us feel when someone says, "you've no right to be here, or to have a voice or speak your mind, or to be given basic courtesies, you vile little piece of poop -- because you're a woman, or because you're a black man", or what have ye. You know that shame and sadness you feel when there's nothing you can do to get past the vile prejudices and name-calling and fundamental lack of basic human decency and acceptance?

Well, there's none of that with the transcendentals. To say they are 180 degrees different to these human filters doesn't even begin to do them justice. They give everyone that same acceptance and that same equal due and loving equanimity. And it matters not a whit that you're "just a woman" or "just a black man" or what have ye, because it's UNDERSTOOD that these human biases are misaligned and violent in their emotional and spiritual (and too often also their physical) intentions. That sort of human prejudice simply has no place at all in these places of peace and healing -- even though these too can get intense, it's strictly in support of working through your own stuff with those you love and who love you. No name calling or shaming, and no prejudicial judgment. Just love, truth, acceptance, and unbiased judgment.
This is my experience too. It is my experience that the infinite power in each of us is enlarged - no, because it's infinite - but enhanced, multiplied in dimensions somehow. It is difficult to describe, perhaps not possible. But tangible.

That too sounds wonderful... I am full of love for the experience you share here. I am not envious - but what is an expression that matches; I know that experience awaits me, too, up ahead, and I look very much forward to it.

This I think will be part of the work we would do - to gradually find the space to be without filters - to gradually work towards free flow in a safe space.

I haven't heard of the integrity gap before, but I can feel the meaning of it. Love the visualization of it. But I do love integrity too - it is a cornerstone of basic spiritual work for many of us who are extra-sensory in a physical world. Building integrity, knowing your space and others' space and respecting the signals and boundaries of it...

"The gap" however, I see like a moat - a deep cut - between souls, created by fear of not trusting the innate integrity of ourselves and our space.

The integrity gap I mean is the one within each of us, where who we are at centre (our "true selves") is not fully reflected in who we are day-to-day. That is, it's where we are not true to ourselves. Where and how I do work in spirit, none of the rest of what you say would apply, or not in the way you are describing.

Meaning, there is no deception in spirit and moreover there is complete transparency. Because it is a place of love and healing, all individual boundaries and interbeing is respected, so no one's boundaries are crossed or invaded. There can only be a mutuality of connection and work in whatever it is. It is a naturally manifesting thing. It's complex to describe but very pure and simple. Once or twice in all my time, there was a misunderstanding and energetic harm was committed...a long time ago. Immediately the transcendentals called it out and it could not stand. You simply cannot be of a violent, aggressively invasive, or abusive perspective and be in that place

Actually, I've never thought in those terms before. Very very interesting... My friend and I have only tried our work a few times and so we were still newbies and we definitely had a 'gap' - careful not to overlap, to allow space for eachother. (If you're reading here, you know who you are, isn't this interesting...?)

Agreed. So much. I think there is quite a bit of tolerance for asking for help and support, when we are 'low' though. The taboo around 'being weak' is not so strong. We have evolved.

The taboo around wanting friends/ company/ companionship/ love however is alive and kicking It is taken as a sign of weakness, a sign that one needs to do more self-love work. (It can be a sign of balance being off, yes, but is does not have to be. And even with balance off, we do not need to learn everything alone, all the time.)

We do not need ot be perfect to seek eachother out - nor do we have to broken. We do not need to be 'done' to do healing or lightwork. We do not need to have 'ascended' to be allowed a soul family. This is my deepest conviction.

(And a soul family can be found in our second back yard - the internet).

I want that. I do. Thank you for confirming that it can be! I have had it before, there is no other way to explain that I know what I am coming to find... I recognize the buzzkill sensation too

Hmm... I had a 'filter problem' yesterday. Maybe you can take a look at my video here and tell me if you have any ideas? I start talking about filters at 8:15-10:20 or so. (The whole topic of other people's feelings and reactions start at 4:30, I think.)

I have/had troubles yesterday with 'importing' other people's situations, feelings, reactions - into my life! Ie not only feeling for them, but feeling it for myself, having those feelings/situation occur like mirroring in my own life. It was/is amazing - and a little daunting... How to manage this new feature of my abilities... lol Take a look, if you want to, maybe you know what it is...

Thank you so much 7L...!

This is amazing! Guys, we can all learn so much from this...! I love love love it!

I know I love everything, but still.. This is good stuff for lightworkers on a roll...

Yes, amongst your beloved fam, friends, and fellow travellers, you are safe and accepted. And I completely agree with your assessment that we are allowed to be human and to love and support ourselves and one another without shame, full stop. But please do recognise there are also many, many who are vicious and seek to tear you down in the most vile and disgusting of ways, simply to feed their own ego, their sadism, and their lust for power and domination over others. Unfortunately they can be found anywhere, certainly on the internet. Even on these forums you'll find them, so do be cautious there and use your judgment.

From what you say here, it sounds like you're picking up on others' stuff in general, and not only their filters. I think the best way to handle this is a bit like getting used to everything and viewing the lion's share as background noise. I generally don't pay attention on purpose, as much as possible. It helps greatly to maintain one's centre, in equanimity and meditation helps greatly with all of this. I tuned it out from childhood really without thinking, because it is invasive to read people like a book just because stuff is written on their foreheads. But if you take up meditation, this helps you not focus on it. Especially because really it's just in the air and it comes in sideways too...and when your eyes are shut too....hahahahaha. It's as much for you as for others.

Do be warned...attack dogs (I mean ppl here, not animals ;) ) are often most hostile, defensive, and vicious when they know you've seen them as they are, however that may be. It may be nothing to you but the sheer fact of sight equals transparency, and that makes the attack dog absolutely livid. As transparency dispells any notion of control or domination of the situation in its most fundamental sense. Being you can't help but see them as they are if you've a reasonable energetic sense, then you can't help that you "saw" even when you purposely weren't looking. But once it's clear they've simply been seen and met where they are, without pretense, then the attack dogs will use this as a pretense to attack, often in the most baseless, vile, and personal ways.

Stay your course and much love & light to you!
Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy.

Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult.

For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way

and become themselves despite all opposition.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke
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