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I'm so, so sorry to hear you're still having trouble. May I suggest an approach from a different angle?

I've been reading up on manifesting with intention - how we can effectively control our own realities, depending on how we focus our intention. We can bring god* into our lives by focusing from happiness and joy, but we can also bring evil in as we focus on the negative. This happens with or without our conscious intervention.

(* This was a typo, I meant to write "good," not "God." However, I sensed hesitation in correcting it, so I've left it as is. Perhaps it's important.)

I mean this with all due respect, but I see this very clearly in your posts - the way you view this situation is intensely negative (and why wouldn't it be?) Specifically though, you keep insisting that your soul wants you to suffer. That it is your lot in life to be put through these harsh trials. It seems to be all you expect anymore.

This might be the hardest thing to hear and face, and I'm sorry if you'll hate me for saying so... but it seems to me as if YOU are the one manifesting these horrible things into your own life.

Hear me out, please. Spirit only has what power we give it. This goes hand-in-hand with the theory of manifesting with intention from a place of Love, or Fear. Right now, you are manifesting from a place of Fear, and THAT is what's giving your Spirit free reign to invite all this sadness into your life.

You have to forgive yourself. For what, only you know - surely, these events you mention are not your fault. However, you're directing so much negativity inward toward your own Soul center - your place of power - that negativity is all your Soul has to power itself with. We are essentially living magnets that attract to us what we focus upon. It's not 'terrorist guides' - it's You. It sucks, and it's probably very hard to accept, especially with the degree to which everything's gone south. But, I believe there is something within Your Self that you need to confront, that you need to forgive, before this all turns around.

From personal experience, I have had guides turn on me before. Nowhere near to the extent you're saying, so I wouldn't dare claim to be able to relate to your situation. But, most of those cases did end in redemption for that spirit - and, for some reason, it always started with identifying a problem with myself first. Our personal energies are sort of like the weather to them - our hearts, our feelings, our emotions, our aura are all things that affect our spirits on a deep level. Far moreso than people are, they are like reflections of ourselves. Our own problems are capable of corrupting them and turning them against us - and until we face ourselves, they're not going away.

If nothing else, do the thing they expect the least - if demanding they leave didn't work, and if responding with aggression didn't work... Do the unthinkable. Love them. Love them despite the pain they're causing. If for no other reason than because it's probably the one thing you haven't tried yet. You are their energy source, and the moment you change the energy you're feeding them, they will turn.

Look into manifesting with intention. It's a tricky thing, and not quite as easy to do as you would think. The biggest hurdle is getting past that place of Want - "I want to get better" implies you are not well, and therefore the root of that Want is in a place of lacking, so that's why manifesting like this doesn't work. You have to try and feel what it's like to be well, and tell yourself that you can be well and free from this because You have always had the power to live that way. It's tricky, but I suspect the results will be more immediate for you since it's manifesting through your Spirits, and they should respond very quickly to a shift in energy from Your Source.

Namaste, friend. I really, truly hope this advice helps you find your way through these dark times.
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