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Originally Posted by Trinitydown
She hates herself so damn much due to all her past failed lifetimes, that she is willing to allow her guides to hurt her incarnation (me) sabotage it, and make it PAY for any steps out of line, because she's convinced that HER way is the ONLY way.

Then this is where you need to address and work.. If your soul feels this way, than your soul needs healing. This all needs to be let go. The past, is the past. It happened. It's over. It's done with. Now is the time for you, now is the time for your growth. If your soul feels this way, it's not going to ascend anywhere. Ascension is about a purifying of yourself so to speak.

Your guides mock, belittle and drive you bonkers.. You take your life, for instance. Then you get no where, and you start over.

Your higher self has plans and things that it would like to achieve. But not all of them get achieved as you can't be force to do anything. You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink.

Even a mass healing by a bunch of people wouldn't be able to get rid of these guys.

That's not how it works.. They can not rid you, they can not really do anything for you other than holding space. The same as Michael. The same as God. They can bring in the light... But it's up to you to work with it. It's up to you to let it go. It's up to you to release them. They have no hold over you. They have no control over you. Only what you give them. They will of course tell you otherwise. They need you to believe that. They need you to believe how broken and weak you are. And how you are nothing with out them. That's how they feed off of you and keep you going.

There are no guides doing anything their way. Again, that's not how it works. Guides are guides. The end of it. They can't force, or manipulate, or torment you into submission.

True guides are not going to teat you or view you as an empty vessel that is meaningless. To guides they see you yourself as beautiful. They see your value and worth. And they will never have anything less than love for you.
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