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OK... From reading your original post. You are not dealing with your spirit guides. The fact that you called them "terrorist" is all you need to know about your own "guides." If you feel any entity is a terrorist. Send it away from you. Do not continue to interact with it.

If you feel uncomfortable, unloved, negative in anyway when dealing with "guides." You know right away those are not your guides. Wish them love, and send them off from you. Bring in Archangel Michael, and his warrior angels to clear out that energy. You do not need it in your life.

Spirit guides are here to do just that. Guide you. They will not sabotage you. They will not bring you down. They will not destroy your life trying to tell you what to do. You have free will. And you have control. You are always in control. The fact that you said they laughed at your idea of taking your life, goes to show what kind of entities you are dealing with. Your actual spirit guides would have love and compassion for you. They would never mock you. Nor ever encourage such an idea. It is your life to live the way you choose. Now if you choose ascension. That is on you. That is your decision. To reach it the way you choose to. They will not make you suffer to get there. They will not tell you to break up with anyone. That is always your decision. They will not meddle in your life. They will not try to break you down to get you weak.

They will not have you on a diet that has you at 50% power. They want you happy, and 100% at all times.

It's time you clear this energy out. Bring in light. Bring in love. Bring in positivity. And work to take back your life. This is your life. Not theirs.

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One last thing to add. No spirit, not even your familial ancestors in spirit can tell you what to do. They cannot violate your free will in any way. They can offer you guidance on decisions you make and tell you to really think about something before you just jump into it. But they will not make your decision for you or EVER tell you what to do.
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