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Originally Posted by Rumar
Anyone ever astral project or Lucid Dream (same thing but LD is while unconscious and most of the time you lack absolute control) and find themselves in a huge battlefield? I've come across so many throughout my journey that it's uncanny.

Explosions, death (yes, spirits can be wiped out of existence), blood, guts, destruction everywhere. It's disappointing to know that there are many battles out there even after people have died. So much has changed since the introduction of the 'big banishment' that mankind just cripples over itself even after death. Especially glimpses of horrid destruction to come also plagues a friend of mine, even while he drives, it's pretty gruesome from what I've heard. He pretty much has come to grips with it, but that's another story. Anyone here experience this? I've been involved several dozen times, it's pretty much hardened my heart from what I had to do to help those suffering (it's pretty obvious from atmosphere and personal energy in who to help).

It is sometimes termed as a 'war in heaven' and quite a few cultures reflect this, notably the Greeks. The line between life and death isn't all it's cracked up to be, neither is heaven. If the afterlife is so full of sunshine and roses, why do people on here talk of evil Spirits and the like? It's not as uncommon as many would like to believe it is.
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