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Many years ago when I had no income I would look to the lottery. I remember very clearly that I would feel something in my hand / fingers and when I did, I would receive money via the lottery.

For example, I bought a $1 scratch ticket and I felt something in my hand / fingers. The ticket was payable.

It feels like a deposit is being made in my flesh, weird as that sounds. It was like a buzz, but not a buzz. It was a vibration and felt like it had some sort of weight or substance to it.

This happened to me a few times and every time I felt it, I received money.

There was one time that I decided I would kill myself if I did not get money. I meant it. I had 90 cents and needed only a dime to make a dollar. A woman in her car in the parking lot was happy to give me a dime when I asked her. I went inside the store and bought a $1 scratch ticket and won $80. I bought what I needed and went outside to pay her 10 times what she gave me (yes, just a dollar). She didn't want it but I insisted.

I've been under a very heavy curse since then, and it is merciless. There is no doubt that some spiritual force is involved and is controlling.
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