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For some reason, I have a very strong memory of sitting with 6 others at the dawn of civilisation, at the feet of the Great Guru...the Adi guru, Adi Deva...we spoke not, took silent instruction and the essence of the universe was instilled into our hearts.

I am either one of those rishis in human form, or I am a disciple of Adi Shankaracharya in a past existence. I have had many flashes and visions of this.

"Sapta Rishis are the hierarchy working under the guidance of the highest creative intelligence, Paramatma.................They are naturally the most evolved 'light beings' in the creation and the guardians of the divine laws."

So you are one of the incarnated " most evolved 'light beings' in creation"

By what I read in your posts about your life, this does not seems to be the case.

Seems more like a portion of ego-delusion.

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