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Originally Posted by TheDivineOne
Yeah, guys. Sorry for another one of those threads again.

I guess this one is more of a vent than i am asking a question but i guess sometimes venting helps. As much as people keep saying to me to focus on this life, i am eager for my next life. Being born female in my next life is something i look forward to very much.

Someone on another site said this to me which i will copy from there and paste it in the quote below:

Here's the thing: not reincarnating is far from acceptable for me because i've had a life as a male, and i hate, resent, and condemn that i've had a life as a male that's currently ongoing. Just for the experience i want a life as a female! Not only that, i want to remember that i wanted this so badly. I don't want to forget who i am or my personality. All the things i like now i want to carry all those things with me into my next life.

Even as i am transitioning, there are still things i don't like about my body now. As bold, silly, or whatever else this may seem, so be it but i also want my next-life body to look a certain way... not only that but to be raised as a girl, to go through puberty as a girl, to enjoy being a girl, to appreciate it all, and to be a human female from birth to death, and to be a female in many consecutive lifetimes after this.

For clarification's sake, I don't ever want to lose or forsake my female gender identity. Some people my think it's my gender identity or my strong connection to a past life as a woman that might be the problem but it's not... not for me at least (because remember not every trans person is the same). It's me being born in what i know to be the wrong gender that i have the problem with.

Also, i may've been a woman in my past life... and as much as i hope for that to be the case i don't really care. Some people have this position that i probably were a woman in my past life but something really bad has happened to me, whereas my soul thought at the time that it'd be safer for me to be a man. Well, if that's the case my soul was wrong for thinking that, in such a way that being a transgender woman is more dangerous than being a regular woman. I'm still transitioning nonetheless. As a trans woman i've been approached by a sexual predator... who didn't know i was trans and didn't eventually found out... but i still prefer being a woman. For this right here, I hate hearing about people who are men in this life but were women in their previous life. I feel a certain bitterness about that even in the knowing their lives have nothing to do with me whatsoever.

I also want to throw shade at the people who think it's okay to look down on me or at me with a raised eyebrow because i want to experience womanly things like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. or for wanting to be a woman to begin with because least we forget we live in a world that treats female like second-class citizens. How thoroughly crass of them! Just because you don't appreciate it or don't like it doesn't give you the right to judge me for wanting it because i really want to know what it's like and i can't and never will accept never knowing what it's like! Being a man has its advantages and disadvantages just like being a woman has its advantages and disadvantages... and i will have you all know one thing: i would gladly and happily throw out the manly advantages in exchange for the womanly disadvantages any day or night of the week, and i won't ever let anyone tell me otherwise.

I would ask if it were remotely possible for me to be born a female in my next life but i already did a thread asking that and it was my first one when i registered here. I'm about 90% sure i will though. But reincarnation is the last hope i have of me ever getting to experience life as a full-fledged female and i won't ever let anyone take that away from me... ever.

I rest my case.

Wow, you sound just like me! I want to reincarnate back in to this life, but instead of being myself; I want to be my twin sister. I don't actually have a twin sister, but an older one who has a 2 year old daughter. I always had issues with gender. They were even around in my childhood and got worse the older I got. I remember lashing out at an episode of a Nickelodeon cartoon where the boy protagonist was accidently turned into a girl, by his fairy godparents; then several years later, I started to believe in reincarnation. When I first started believing in it, I wanted my next life to take place in a typical linear fashion; meaning I would've been born in the future. However in recent years, I started rejecting this futuristic scenario and decided after watching old home movies from the 80s and 90s, from when me and my sister we were just kids; why not reincarnate into an alternate version of your own life you're currently living in!? If the MWI theory is true, then it might be possible for me to relive my childhood, but as a girl, instead of a boy. Now, I have nothing against being a boy, in fact there's an animated TV series that I'm trying to make that fuels my purpose of being a boy. Anyways, I think being my twin sister would be neat! I even have a name picked out for her/me; it's Brenda. Our family names are; Lisa (mother), Brent (dad), Brooke (sister), and Blake (me), and I always thought that Brenda sounded like a lost family member. Is it possible that in this life, I was supposed to have a twin sister, hence my gender issues? Also, it doesn't help that I have Autism, which makes me a social outcast on the internet, where everyone is really mean to me and nobody trusts me or cares to go near me and they think I'm a bad person when I'm really not; and that just drives me to want to get to my next life, even faster!

I really don't trust the future! I don't want to live in a world where everything is virtual and all stores and shopping malls are out of business and half of the world has been destroyed by global warming, that would not be a fun life at all! Also, the clothing would probably be "Lady Gaga" levels of hideous and that would personally negatively affect me as a girl! Think about it, living through an alternate version of this life would be much better than having my next life taking place, forward in time after this one. Also, maybe I could stop 9/11 and other bad things from happening, just like the good old time traveling doctor; you know which one I'm talking about. Yes, it sounds very similar to the show "Quantum Leap" but I do think it's possible. I feel if I had been a girl in this life, I would've not been stuck with this awful disability, known as Autism. I can back this up by one fact alone; girls are less likely to get Autism than boys, especially back in 1988, when I was born. Anyways, I want to hear back from you. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who wants to live as a girl, in their next life. Also, I sometimes wear girls clothes (dresses and skirts) and a pink satin nightgown to bed. I know it's crossdressing. It's not because I'm gay, it's because I know I should've been a girl.

I mean, this pretty much sums up my reincarnation plan, in a nutshell:

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