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Originally Posted by Jules
Hi Lightfilledheart (hehe had to use it .. I LOVE IT!!).. trains xx leah xx earthy xx
Hi Carol, it's lovely to meet you too :)
Almost everybody's had to do the same thing and unfortunately a lot of all the fantastic postings were lost too.. BUT the way to look at is, on a positive note we're all starting afresh. Matt (Devolution) has still got his hand in bless him, and pointing us all in the right direction I'm sure :)

I've not heard of lavender and tea tree, but it's something I'll DEFINATELY be giving a try to .. tiger balm for wounds, also pure aloe sap is A MUST for those deadly holiday burns!!!

I think my all time fave relaxation though is ylang ylang,patchouli, and jasmine. Just thinking about it now i've just gone to heaven!! ahhh bliss lol.

but I must away to bed now, speak soon Jue xxxxxx

Hi Jules!
As a new member, I never really got the chance to know Matt, but just reading his words and hearing you all speak of him has made me feel I did. God bless him... I hope he's smiling down on the site with pride and affection!

Thank you for the tips about tiger balm and of course aloe... good stuff!

I love the good souls that people this site... I was definitely steered here! to one and all!!!
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