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Peppermint oil.

I don't know much about aromatherapy, or if this post is even fitting for this thread or not but...

I have found peppermint oil to be very helpful to me. I find it to be the same with peppermint tea. I find that is clears my head, wakes me up, and helps me to be focused. It helps me to remove blockages and "see" much more clearly in regards to readings.

I used to have a small bottle of peppermint oil that I would carry with me, and sniff occassionally hahaha. I know that seems very strange, and I'm sure people were wondering what the heck I was up to, but I loved it. In the time that I was doing this I was "seeing" things much more clearly in everyday life, picking up on much more that I was used to.

So yeah, peppermint... haha

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