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Originally Posted by davidmartin
we haven't got a cursed nature, because Jesus had a full human nature just like us, if we are cursed he would be too. Many people do need healing but it's not a curse. If you say Jesus didn't have a full human nature, then he wasn't really a man. This just makes the good news even better!

All i mean is i find its very easy to understand the gospel and it still works even better without all the heavy bondage

According to Romans 5:12. ALL humans are born with a CURSED Sin nature! Adam’s spiritual death has been passed down to all of humanity.

This means we are ALL born spiritually dead. Adam and Eve would have lived forever had they not sinned. This is why each person MUST be born-again!

The term “born-again” means “being born for the second time.” There is the physical birth and then there is the spiritual birth. We are born spiritually dead into this world without God. We are all born with a fallen nature, a natural tendency to sin.
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