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Originally Posted by TerramineLightvoid
You mean the problem is... that you didn't look up the definition in a dictionary to see that you were... wrong? You don't get to just make up definitions of words, especially when trying to scrutinize other people. In order to do that you have to be looking at what /they/ are saying, not your unfathomably wrong assumption of what they are saying.

So again... instead of just realizing your definition is /wrong/. In fact even when I JUST defined atheism to you in the post you are responding to. You decide what other people believe, and put words in their mouths? That's not how things work.

You believe in "higher things". Okay? But the fact is, you must've been convinced from a purely ANECDOTAL position. Unless you claim to have evidence that nobody else has, in which case what's taking you so long to blow the world's mind with your secret info? Why does nobody else have this evidence, why have they not produced it and cashed in on it already?
Some #foodforthought; for reflection.

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