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Originally Posted by Gem
Yesterday I had become overwhelmed by the expectations of my job and become anxious and stressed over it all, so I went outside and looked at a tree. Nothing special, energies and the like, but because I took a spell from keeping up with the pace, and stopped just to look at something, the frantic energy I had built up dissipated, and after a while, I realised how long it had been since I thought about my problems - and really, I couldn't figure out why I had been distraught in the first place. Even though my circumstances had not changed at all, same pressures, same problems, all just the same, the way I was changed and went from high tension to 'whatevs'. In essence, I had simply stopped imagining and started looking and then I was seeing it 'as it is'.

My story here is not special. There are no amazing things in it. It's just a stressful day at the office and how it really didn't need to be. I had no special energy experiences or anything like that, just ordinary daily things, but it comes back to fundamental principles of Buddhist meditation, to be aware, and see it 'as it is'.

In the Buddhist practice as I know it, there comes a stage where even the thoughts and worry do not arise and/or when they arise, they are less strong than the presence of mind that Buddhist meditation develops in oneself.

You are right Gem, it's ordinary but beautifully powerful. We don't need power, kundalini or deities to help us realize these sanctum truths.

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