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There is only One, forgetting itself and dreaming. Everything you see & hear is the dream, the seeing & hearing are dream, the body and mind are dream. You, however, are directly The One. The knower of seeing & hearing, the love, the intelligence, the good (conscience), that’s directly you. You create a dream of “things”, and once “in” the dream, via the mind, relatively speaking, you are nothing. But nothing is magic. Everything you see & hear is magic, the seeing & hearing is magic, the experience is quite literally magic - you.

So to your inquiry regarding the apparent back & forth between deep meditation states and the loss of it in the activities of the functioning world...they are not the least bit different. Like trees arise front the ground, thought arises from nothing, magic. For you a tree is a tree, not to be believed or not, not to direct you or not. But thoughts appear quite different than trees, and in believing some thoughts and not others, you create an idea of an identity. This “identity” can never be located, isolated, or even described by any account of your own direct experience, because it is an idea. This “self” idea is only ever described or referred to via more ideas, never a direct experience of it. The belief in this idea of you is so convincing, decisions are made regarding what you can & can’t do in this life, what you are capable of or not, what you can achieve or not, etc.

That you do not know who you are, that you believe there are things, is actually a testimony to just how unfathomably magic you actually are.
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