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Originally Posted by sea-dove
oh LOL you judging again. You did read right but you took what you read the completely wrong way.

I did not even consider what I typed could or would be taken the way you did, I find it hard to see the negatives you are seeing in my posts as i just dont think that way.

I typed "there is no real return" but then on second thought I thought what I typed was not true as everyone gets returned in karma for good deed so just added that into my post then as it just felt wrong to say that noone is getting no return at all when helping others. It felt like a lie.

I was not saying or even thinking that I do this for the reason of actually getting good karma as I dont do it for that reason but as simply just stating the fact that in there is a return for all healers who are wanting to help others as in karma, it was just a general comment.
I don't see negatives in your post.Don't get me wrong.
I wanted to point that most of the times our motives are selfish,even when we think that we're doing things for the good of others,while we're doing them for our selves.
There's no good or wrong with tit.

Only the truth who's not present.
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