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Originally Posted by Tristran
Once i had a dream of opening a hard back book where the left page was a single green image or emerald tablet and the right hand page had text and titled 'Thoth'.

On this i created a webpage that shows all of Thoth runes in digital form similar to all numbers being constructed from a digital 8.

Oddly enough, all Thoth runes can be constructed from a 23 part digital template.

Here is the weird part that i want to know more about. 2^24-1 == 16^6-1

In other words, Thoth Runes can be given unique colours as 16^6-1 is the same as #ffffff which all programmers recognize as colour white.

As colour is a frequency ranging from Infra Red to Ultra Violet, then maybe Thoth's runes have a sound frequency as well.

If anyone is interested, the digital runes can be viewed at Thoth Runes

I haven't heard of the Thoth runes and is interesting they showed up in a dream. I read a translation of the emerald tablets of Thoth but that was years ago.

I hope you continue working with them.
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