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Originally Posted by God-Like
Hi Manda

I haven't had recurring dreams but I had some orrible ones

What I am noticing more and more though Is that I am getting quicker at realizing that I am In a dream regardless of what the dream Is about.

Last night I dreamed of a jumbo jet and me the pilot the passangers were on board. The plane was In the mountains literally. It was maneuvering like a car going down a rocky path. I thought to myself well this Is stupid lol this Is a plane why are we not flying?, but I knew I was dreaming It and I went along with the oddness. he hehe

Perhaps It's time I took the place of the pilot

x daz the drumming pilot x
Daz: "I have seen a good dream (whatever it is)..."

Yes please do take over before it drives off the cliff

At some level I knew it was a dream would get to the part where you walked in and subtly pointed that out to me...LOL...and then I would realise

...but the disturbing part would already have happened and then I kept forgetting everything..

Only the all-pervasive feeling of terror and dread you said, just 'orrible...thank God it's like so many makes more sense when you get some perspective on it...

And thank God...גם זו לטובה's all for the good...
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