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[quote=Time]Running - Be very very careful when looking up information on "pagan" traditions. Many of what people "know" now is usually wicca, which is a mish mash of what is left of many celtic peoples (pre christian eastern europeans). Some of the information is sound some is made up, and putting those together really doesnt give much respect to the "proper" traditions.

Coming in late here, but just wanted to comment on the above statement about much of what people 'know' now is usually Wicca, which is a mish mash etc...

Yes, I suppose you could call it a mish-mash (a pagan mish-mash) - the Wiccan Tradition was put together by Gerald Gardner and his H. Preistess Doreen Valiente. Some of the material came from the New Forest coven which Gardner was a member of; some of the material came from Aleister Crowley and Gardner borrowed heavily from Ceremonial Magic; as well, a little of the old Witchcraft from pre-Gardnerian times was included. The Celtic influence is mainly seen in the Sabbats. The way in which it was put together made it a viable, strong path that worked well. But, and this is a big 'but', Wicca today is NOT the Wicca of the late 50's and 60's - it has become so watered down that it's hardly recognizable; Wicca was never meant to be this "if it feels right, it must be right" type of thing that incorporates angels and different pantheons as it, unfortunately, often is these days.

Whether you appreciate the Gardnerian tradition of Wicca or not, without that tradition and all the work that Gardner did, I'm sure we would not have such a large pagan movement today.

Originally, the question was asked about how one feels about the earth and sky. Many Witches and most pagans identify with the Earth, the Land. The earth is a living entity, the sacredness of the land is an age old concept. There is power in the land; there are currents running through the earth/land and some sensitive people can feel those things and become attuned to them and there will be a reciprocal relationship between a person and the land. The land can be very healing and one can find peace when connected to it. This is how I feel, at any rate and perhaps Running does too.

Sky is important too, this is the home of Hawk and Eagle as well as noisy Crow and little robin. It is the place where the stars live and the moon and sun and all these things can talk to us and bring us teachings of some kind.

Jenny Crow
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