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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
That's how it often used to be because people / the world wasn't ready yet for TFs to reunite in the physical world. Then one was in the Spirit world to guide the other.
Which makes sense but at the same time has me wondering how someone got to that information.
I mean, right now the time IS there for TFs to come together, and many of them are in their 50s. Which means they began to incarnate some 50+ years ago and also made the Soul agreement to come together 50+ years ago.
Now I do assume the one(s) who came up with the idea that one TF would remain in the spirit realm did so somewhere after TFs had begun to incarnate... Unless those who came up with the idea are now in their 70s or 80s? (Could be the case, dunno)
Which has me thinking that they/we weren't supposed to know until recently that the time would come somewhere after 2012 that TFs would come together in the physical. By which I mean... many TFs were born in the mid-60s and onwards. Then you'd say some channel/reader would've known this, had gotten 'word' from Source about this?

It makes sense that it would happen after 2012 with ascension/expanded mass consciousness. Also it probably depends on the soul agreement like you mentioned.
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