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Originally Posted by IsabelSeyler
Its a bit dodgy tbh. You dont believe in them? And can u pls check your inbox i sent a message

Yes, I just noticed. Please forgive my seeming negligence. I should get the habit of looking at the PM notifier at the top, something I'm lacking. It's been fairly chaotic and I really should be organising work over these days, not being here!

Well, believe or not, I'm suspicious of missionaries! Their aim is to convert rather than point to signposts on the paths to help someone find their own way!
My parents tell me about the 1960s when people were encouraged to "drop out" (I think the term was) and young as they were, they suddenly found themselves without the means to survive too easily (down here in three-D, LOL). Not quite the same but when you read here of some of the problems this faith causes you wonder who's going to be left out on a limb.

Only a few people were born with incomplete souls.
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